Cum sa faci un afis simplu ?

Ever wanted to create an ad, or just wondered how Photoshop CS6 works? In this tutorial I will show you the basics of photoshop! You could start by searching for some clip art that fits your projects needs. Google Images is a great tool, that you should always use, for finding images and resources like fonts and documentation.

After you start photoshop the first thing you have to do is create a new file. Photoshop will prompt you to choose the document size. You can enter this values manualy or select a paper size that fits the media you will print on. I will enter this values manualy since my paper size is slighly largen than the A3 that you find in the international column.

After you insert the clipart, you should also try to find a font that works well with you ads theme. Again you can use google for this. After installing the font, photoshop will automaticly update its font list and you are ready to go.

Proceed by entering your text and aligning so that it looks nice and clean. I will not go into details since this is just an introduction to Photoshop tutorial, but you will be able to see the general workflow in the minutes that follow.

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